Definitive List of Places to get Japanese Groceries Around the Manning Valley

A work in progress, I’m going to build this page up to be the one-stop resource for all things Japanese-grocery-related for the Wingham/Taree/Forster/Tuncurry/Diamond Beach/etc regions.

Prices tend to be about 2-5x what you’d pay in Japan.

Coles Wingham – very basic ingredients (mirin, sake, vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, nori, kewpie mayonnaise, Golden Curry rue, hakusai. Sometimes daikon).

Coles Taree – similar to Coles Wingham. Firm silken (kinugoshi) tofu in the fridge.

Woolworths Taree – more of the same.

Car Park Deli – A few extra items like pink ginger, katsuobushi packets, shiokosho, dashi. They can get anything in if you ask them.

Gourmet ingredients store in Centerpoint Arcade – I seem to have lost the business card for this place. They had a few things from Tetsuya’s (truffle salt, etc), plus a couple of different soy sauces and whatnot. They can also order in anything you want.

Townhead Wholesale Fruit & Vegetables – these guys said I might be able to call and speak to the wholesale department and order in a daikon. Yet to try. (02) 6552 2199


Try Medium grain, $24 for a 10kg bag (Coles, Woolworths, etc)


Plant Your Own

We’re going to plant some daikon, mizuna and shiso in our vegetable patch. Ordered them online from


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