First Job

Today I scored my first paying gig.

At a simple level it’s a Japanese-English translation job. But looking beyond the minimum viable translation skill the job also has a training aspect, and my strong technical background will come in handy.

The client is a really nice guy and he even commented what I was thinking, that we have good aisho/compatibility. I told him that I’m not sure what to charge but he has my word that it will be a very fair price.

UPDATE: Job done and paid!

I ended up quoting what I thought was a fair price for a three hour package which the client felt was good value for money. We had a second session of about an hour (the client generously included the first meeting of 45 minutes towards the three hours) which was very productive. At that stage there were a lot of unknowns so I was thinking the gig might be up to eight hours.

Researching the unknowns on the web that evening I stumbled across a translation of a similar system! Most importantly it clearly identified the sections which would not work outside of Japan, which I was anticipating would take a fair amount of time.

However it did put me in a bit of a situation, and my friend commented that I should pretend I hadn’t found it but use it as a base to put together a similar manual.

In the end I forwarded the manual to the client, who was ecstatic. We had one final session where we went through some stuff together (my training skill!) and I pointed out a couple of things in the Japanese manual which I thought the client may find interesting. At the end of the session the client happily paid and I left the door open for future work and asked him to let me know if anyone was looking for someone to do something similar. Also I’ve got my first friend in the area, which can’t hurt!


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