Days 1-3

Arrival in Sydney went much smoother than I had expected, and as a result we were about five hours early for our REX flight to my folks’ place in the country.

The last three days have been extremely stressful for my wife but she has handled it like a champ. In fact, everyone has commented and I’ve noticed too just how her English has improved. She is understanding most conversations without my assistance, although she needs to build up a bit more confidence in speaking and expressing herself. And the exciting thing is that I know that her ability will just take off from here.

Yesterday was beautiful weather, definitely didn’t feel like the middle of Winter. On our walk we passed a guy labouring outdoors with his shirt off. “Beautiful day, innit!” “Yep!”

Today the highlight was washing the car by hand, which was the first time for my wife and I hadn’t done myself for about a decade. And it allowed me and my wife to relax a little, not feel like we’re completely mooching off the folks (of course they say they’re happy to have us here haha).

This evening we found some of my old Japanese study materials. I think my wife is getting a feel for just how much effort I have put in over the years.

On the net I had a quick look at the annual statements for REX. I’m still on the fence as to whether I’ll invest but at the least I’m planning to write a nice note to the paper regarding the service.

Also on the net I reached out to a few people related to the sinking of the ship the Zamzam, on which my grandfather was a passenger. He was held in an internment camp for several years before returning home at the conclusion of WW2, and he passed away before I was born.

Otherwise I have been chatting with my grandmother who is visiting from overseas, and catching up with my parents. Tomorrow we’ll do a few housekeeping tasks like renewing my drivers license, and hopefully on the weekend we’ll go and pick up a car.